Flex/Flock is the easiest option for fabric printing. With this technology it is possible to print cotton, a blend of cotton and polyester, polyester, and nylon from 1 pc.

The print itself consists of several steps. First, the theme must be cut into a foil/flock on the cutting plotter. Then, extraneous parts are removed from the foil/flock. The theme that remains on the transfer foil is laid on the fabric and pressed onto the fabric for about 20 seconds. Finally, after the fabric has cooled, the transfer foil is torn off and the desired image remains on the fabric. If the image consists of multiple colours, each colour must be cut from the foil/flock of the desired colour and the individual colours gradually pressed into the fabric.

With flex/flock technology, we can print T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, jackets... The difference between flex and flock is in the top layer material. Flex has a smooth shiny finish and flock has a suede finish. Flex itself is a little cheaper than flock. The price depends on the size of the theme, the number of colours and the complexity of the theme.

- possibility of printing from 1 pc,
- fast and easy printing,
- usually cost-effective for orders with small numbers.

- flex/flock is only available in basic colours,
- problems with small details and very thin lines. These limitations are due to the technology used. Recommended minimum line/line thickness: 1 mm,
- logo vectorization required (theme must be in curves),
- cannot be used for raster theme (photos, colour gradients)

Further information:
- washing up to 40°C,
- colours: flex and flock are produced in the following colours: white | lemon yellow | gold yellow | orange | green | light green | turquoise | grey | light red | red | light blue | cerulean | magenta | black,
- silver and gold available when flex,
- max. print size: max. 34 cm x 38 cm,
- printable materials: a) cotton or b) cotton and polyester blend or c) nylon (tests to be printed).