Screen printing - details
Screen printing is a classic and the best way to print. Screen printing guarantees a long life for and the washability of the theme and the best print results. The theme can be printed in up to 7 colours. Compared to flex/flock, with screen printing it is possible to print an image in any desired colour, which can be defined in Pantone or CMYK, as well as in silver and gold.

Direct printing of fabric occurs with screen printing. Maximum print size: 34 cm x 38 cm. Screen printing is possible on cotton material (T-shirts, polo shirts, aprons, bags, table cloths...), a blend of cotton and polyester, and nylon (e.g. umbrellas, bags,... - only 1 colour print). Screen printing is suitable for larger numbers (min. 50 pcs), as the preparation of screen printing screens is more more

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Screen printing - A3
Screen printing | A3

Screen printing is mostly used when printing simpler graphics on T-shirts such as company logos and inscriptions. Colours are vibrant and durable ...

Screen printing - A4
Screen printing | max. A4

We print on T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, and bags in CMYK or PANTONE colours using screen printing...

Screen printing - A5
Screen printing | max. A5

T-shirt printing up to A5 size. T-shirts are printed in the highest quality. The colours on the printed textile are permanent, durable and lightfast...

Screen printing - Nylon
Nylon Screen printing | max.1C

Printing of harder-to-print textiles (nylon jackets, umbrellas, bags) with thinner-based paints.

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