We offer textile banners produced using a sublimation technique thanks to which our banners have brilliant colours. Sizes, shapes and colours are fully adapted to customers´ requirements. The maximum width we can produce from one piece of material is 1.5m. To produce banners of larger sizes, e.g. 10x10m, we sew individual stripes (in this case 10mx1.5m) into one resulting product (see e.g. the photo - 10x10m “Slovan” banner).

We use different kinds of materials to produce the banners. The lightest one, which weighs 115g is used e.g. to produce fan banners of larger sizes (e.g. the 10x10m “Slovan” banner). Other material, e.g. the one which weights about 200g/m2 is usually used for producing smaller banners (e.g. 1.5x3m).

Customers may choose from different kinds of fixings (metal rings | tunnel | spring hooks | tying cords). It all depends on your requirements.