Patches are another fabric application we offer. Patches are a suitable alternative to fabric printing, which cannot be applied by screen printing, transfer, flex, flock, subliflock. Especially working clothes, jackets, bags. Patches can be made in two ways:
1.) The first method of production is so-called embroidered patches (Figure 1 - DAF patches). In fact, it is a patch embroidered on a piece of cloth, the edges of which are embroidered.
2.) The second way is to create so-called sublimated patches (Figure 2 - ISFA patches). These are patches that are sublimated to print any logo, image, photo, and then the edges are embroidered.

Both types of patches can be applied to fabrics in the following ways: either sewn or glue can be applied to the patch from the rear. The pre-prepared patch is then pressed onto the fabric (thermopatch).