A custom printed seat cube - flexible seating, custom printing, easy maintenance.

We have expanded our offer to include an advertising cube suitable for seating. The print cube is an eye-catching advertising element and is suitable as a carrier for your advertising at fairs, in sales outlets, in rest areas, in children's play areas and at other events. The cubes can serve as practical chairs in stores, as well as decorative elements for your presentations. The cube is easy to carry because there is a solid foam core inside the cube, which ensures shape stability and cube comfort. Thanks to the zip, the cube can be slipped off and washed in the machine. It is printed with so-called sublimation printing, which ensures a softness to the touch, a brilliant colour and the ability to be machine washed up to 40 °C. This ensures the maintenance and cleanliness of the cover, which will keep your advertising cube always attractive. The cube can be printed with any motif, or different motifs can be printed on each side of the cube. Thus, large-format image motifs, slogans and logos can be put together. An advertising wall made of cubes provides an eye-catching look and will be unmissable to the passerby.

All advertising cubes have a high quality, stable foam core that ensures high seating comfort. The cover is made of a solid polyester fabric that is quickly replaceable and easy to wash. The standard cube size is 40 x 40 x 40 cm. Other formats can be produced at the customer's request. We send a quote on request. The price depends on the number of items ordered, designs and dimensions.