Production of starting numbers on order.

In our offer there is a wide range of products that serve as starting numbers for various sports. Whether running, racing, skiing or other sports. You will surely find a solution to your "dilemma". For example, rafting was one of the last sports disciplines for which we developed the starting numbers.
We produce starting numbers with sublimation technology that ensures brilliant colours, durability, colour fastness and good wash resistance. Sublimation technology is characterized by the fact that the colour sublimes into the fibres of the fabric, thereby colouring the fibres from within. This ensures that the fabric feel is the same as before printing, while retaining the ability of the knit to breathe and sweat away from the athlete's body. The jerseys are made of the latest high quality polyester knitwear.

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BASE basic fabric starting numbers, which we can produce with your graphic design in different sizes.

start race numbers STRIPES

Start numbers STRIPES with edging and cords in different variants. The length of the strings according to your needs.
Tank tops with starting numbers with strings. Sides with edging. Space at the bottom suitable for advertisements.
The UNIVERSAL tank tops with starting numbers are suitable for all kinds of sports. The straight pattern is made from a high quality elastic material, which guarantees maximum comfort.
The ALPINE tank tops with starting numbers are especially suitable for skiing sports. The elastic material and pattern guarantee a high quality design.
Extended pattern of the FREERIDE starting numbers with rounded edges. Option of full-colour prints according to your requirements.
Full-colour prints for the FREESTYLE starting numbers according to your requirements, produced in the highest quality. This pattern is suitable for all kinds of sports.
EXTREME stands for the popular extended starting numbers with an extension on the shoulder with a space for your logo or advertisements. High quality design with edging and elastic bands on the sides.

Displayed products 1 - 8 from 8