CUSTOM PRINTED SEAT CUSHIONS. Custom-made seat cushions to order.

In case you need seat cushions, we will be happy to produce them for you. We produce seat cushions for both restaurants and sports events. We produce seat cushions using two technologies. Depending on the print run and complexity, either 1.) sublimation or 2.) pigment printing is used, where it is printed directly onto the dyed material.

In the first case (sublimation) it is a classic procedure: cut pieces of white material (100 % polyester), these are completely printed - design and colour according to customer requirements - and then sewn.

In the second method of production (pigment screen printing directly on the dyed material), the customer has a choice of a limited range of colour material (most commonly the KEPER composition of 100 % cotton or a cotton/polyester mix). Here, the procedure is similar, except that the underlying colour of the seat cushion is given and only the logo is printed. The thickness of the seat cushion depends on the thickness and quality of the filler used (standard foam).

The price depends on the colour, size and number of items ordered. For each customer, we make a separate quote that takes into account the above.