Flag for beachflag DROP
for all heights of DROP-system

Flag for DROP Beachflag system with a total height of 1,5m | 2,00m | 2,40m | 3,40m | 4,40m. Flags are made to order from 1pc. Of course, custom graphics are available. The flag is suitable for both types of construction, PREMIUM and KLASIK.

Please note that the complete (fully functional) beachflag system consists of the following basic parts: 1.flag | 2. flagpole | 3. base | 4. accessories.

GRAPHIC DATA TO DOWNLOAD (pdf file): Beachflag DROP.pdf


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Flagpole for DROP
for all heights of DROP-system

Aluminium, high strength flagpole for DROP Beachflag. Suitable for these system heights: 1,50m | 2,00m | 2,40m | 3,40m | 4,40m.