Flagpole for SHARK
for all heights of SHARK-system

Flagpole CLASSIC: Aluminium anodized construction for SHARK Classic beachflag. Suitable for these system heights: 2,30m | 2,80m. Profile ø20x2,0mm.

Flagpole PREMIUM: Aluminium, high strength, sprayed (grey) flagpole for SHARK Premium Beachflag. Suitable for these system heights: 2,30m | 2,80m | 4,00m. Contains CLICK system. Profile ø28x1.5mm.

flagpole SHARK.pdf

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flag for beachflag SHARK
for all heights of SHARK-system

Flag suitable for SHARK system with a total height of 2,30m | 2,80m | 4,00m. We will make it to order with your graphics.