The beachflag consists of the following basic parts: flag, flagpole and base. It is also possible to buy optional accessories such as a carrying bag, water weights, and so on. When choosing a beachflag, the following questions should be answered:
1.) What shape and height do you prefer?
2.) What flagpole is ideal for you? (Premium Klik or Klasik?)
3.) What base/anchorage do you need? (interior/exterior? | wind or windless | subsoil type: concrete, earth, sand, clay?)


We have the following types of beachflags: GRAND | DROP | SHARK | EDGE. They differ in shape and height variations. Below you can find a picture of each type of beachflag as well as information on the available heights.

Type: Beachflag GRAND

Beachflag series GRAND is the best selling of all types of beachflags. You can see it at every good promotional event.  This type is available in 4 different heights: 1.6 m | 2. 6m | 3.6 m | 4.6 m and in 5 different endings of the lower edge: wing | cross | zero | bow | line. One hundred people, one hundred tastes - We have something for everyone.

Type: Beachflag DROP

Beachflag DROP is characterized by a teardrop shape that catches your eye at first sight. Following the beachflag GRAND it is the second best-selling type of beachflag. It is produced in 5 dimensions: 1.5 m | 2.0 m | 2.4 m | 3.4 m | 4.4 m.

Type: Beachflag SHARK

Beachflag SHARK is here for everyone who is enchanted by the dynamic shape of the shark fin.  It is produced in 3 different heights: 2.3 m | 2.8 m | 4.0 m. If you have decided to show the dynamic face of your product, SHARK is the right choice.

Type: Beachflag EDGE

The rectangular shape of the EDGE beachflag is for everyone who likes the classic. This type is reminiscent in shape of a classic flag. It is produced in 4 different heights: 1.65 m | 2.00 m | 3.00 m | 4.00 m. If you have chosen to use a classic, EDGE is the right choice.


We offer 2 types of designs. PREMIUM CLICK and CLASSIC design. When choosing a suitable design, you have to answer 2 questions:

1.) How often will I build or dismantle the beachflag?
If quite often, we recommend you choose a PREMIUM design that has a CLICK system. The CLICK system has been designed with emphasis on simple beachflag assembly. In the case of less frequent installation, choose a CLASSIC design that does not have a CLICK system. Beachflag installation is not as comfortable in this case, which is, on the other hand, balanced by the lower price of the structure.

2.) What weather will the beachflag be exposed to?
Choose the PREMIUM design if the beachflag is to be exposed to more severe conditions. Otherwise, with peace of mind, choose the CLASSIC design.